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At home (on Comcast) in N. California when on Wifi if I ask Siri if I need an umbrella today, it told me that it doesn't look like rain in Los Angeles.


When I turn off Wifi, it answers appropriately based on my location.


So is the WiFI messing with Siri's head?


Searched for info on this but couldn't really find a difinitive answer.



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    The iPhone GPS uses a combination of information from GPS plus triangulation from known cellular tower locations and a database of wi-fi hotspot locations to determine your location (see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4995).  Not sure why this is happening with your wi-fi but if you moved your router to a new location since the database was established it may be using inaccurate information for triangulation.  (This approach assumes that wi-fi hotspots rarely move.)

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    So when I say at home, I really mean at home.  I am sitting at my house, on WiFi through my Airport Extreme, with internet provided by Comcast.


    I did know about the triangulation already and database but was thorougly confused that it would think I am in LA...at least, hit a bigger city nearby like SF.


    I don't think my router stores any info about location, plus i have been here at this house for over 5 years now.


    Just didn't expect it to work like that.


    Yes, location services are on and I have my info entered in for Siri.


    Maybe just a hickup in the system.  I recreated it about 2 to 3 times before posting.  Will see how it works tomorrow.

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    Seems to be an issue with my internet connection.  So far Siri now knows where I am.  However, I noticed that the home page of Yahoo thought I also was in Los Angeles and I had to manually select San Francisco.  So there might be some weird way my internet get routed that a program that uses that for location awareness thinks I originate in Los Angeles.  Maybe Siri used this too a couple of times.


    Just the age old problem of garbage in garbage out.