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In Disk Utility, when I format and partition an 8GB flash drive it starts out saying an 8GB partion will be created. 

When it's done, it reads:


Size: 7.66 GB (not unusual)

Available space: 2.26 GB


The blue area of the box is only part way filled in.  When I resize the thing up to the blue, so that the Available space reads Zero KB, the Size then reads 5.4 GB, exactly the difference between 7.66 and 2.26.


What does that mean? There's nothing on the drive. I did an Erase and tried again, but same thing.


I'm confused.

iMac7,1 2.4 GHz; 2GB, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Tiger iLife '08 Alesis IO|14 FW Interface
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