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In recent updates to OSX it seems when I add a song to iTunes - the time when I want to add information and artwork - I cannot get the playing song (the one added) to show up in the iTunes finder. It used to be if i hit pause then play again it would show up highlighted, then that stopped working. The only way I can get it to show up now after adding it from the desktop is to search using specific keywords or to scroll dowj through my 40,000k songs to find it.

This is a simple irritation and a problem of plentitude, but oif this could be remedied with the next version I'd appreciate it. I add a lot of online lectures and imported class lectures and etc and hitting play/pause seems a good way to isolate the file. Not sure why it isn't working anymore.

If this is a preference I haven't found, please elusicadte me.

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iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)