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Since upgrading to latest Lion OS 10.7.4  I can't upload video clips I made from my Samsung Galaxy s2 to my Macbook Pro without them coming out corrupted (audio buzz, crashing etc.). Any ideas? Tried bluetooth, Samsung Kies Air. Online they work fine (via Google Drive) but get corrupted on my hard drive although older clips on hard drive in same format mp4 work fine.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Have you tried using image capture to import them,


    also what format are the video files,  and do you have the necessary codecs for the player you are using,  VLC player plays most formats,  or you could downlaod Wontube from the app store to convert the files into a different format to see if that helps.


    I use VLC over Quicktime player as it plays pretty much anything.



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    I narrowed down problem to my Mac not being able to play the latest video clips that the s2 records on 2-channel audio. The VLC you suggested can play both audio channels while other players could not - so thanks!