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Hi all,


I want use a wifi or bluetooth printer for printing texts or docs from my ipad and iphone application by using personal hotspot wifi. I am a developer, how can it possible? is there any way to use printer without internet connection?

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    Hotspot functionality routes wifi traffic from a conneted wifi device to a 3G/4G data network it does not create a wifi network nor provide routing for a wifi network.


    Get a cheap router to do what you want to do.

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    Thank you for your quick reply. Can a cheap router work without internet connection and print from ipad?

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    Yes a low end router will create the network so the pad and the printer can talk.


    But.   Hold off until tomorrow, unless you are in a real hurry.   You asked a good question originally about the phone hot spot, and I want to try that tonight.


    The hot spot in the phone shows up as a wifi network to the pad, and has enough horsepower to drive appletv. ( I have done it). Whether or not it will work with a printer needs to be tested.  Which I will do tonight.

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    Ok.  For the record.  Yes, the hot spot on an I phone will work as a router to support printing from an I pad.  I just did it on my hp D110.     Print speed is the same as normal. 


    Simply turn on the hotspot.  Use the wireless wizard on the printer control panel to find the network and enter the password as shown on the phone.


    So now we know.

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    Well that's cool. Glad you did the test and reported back.

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    A quick follow up, in case anybody is following this thread. 


    The first time you fire up a new hp you are going to need a viable Internet connection.  Every one that I have seen needs a firmware update before it will work with AirPrint.  So don't just buy the printer and go straight to grandma's house.  Get it updated and working first, then go.


    Second item.  I tested it on an I phone 4 hotspot, and it worked fine.  I believe it should also work on a droid, windows phone, or a mifi device, but have not tried.  It would be interesting to see if it does, and if any of you have a pad, an AirPrint printer, and one of those devices, give it a try and report back.