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Hoping someone can help me.


As the title says... Keys Q to O are not working. I have removed the letter casing from a couple to check for dirt etc but no evidence and the buttons are also working fine.


Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated!



  • X423424X Level 6 (14,215 points)

    Sounds like it is time for a new keyboard.   Most keyboards use a membrane type of contact switch which can fail over time.  They use them because they amake it easy to build the keyboards, keep's them failry cheap, and allows for a fairly flat profile.


    At the other end of the spectrum (including price) are keyboards like the Mathias Tactile Pro which uses individual key switches.

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    Thanks for responding.


    Its only about 3months old... I'll have to take to an Apple shop and get it repaired.

  • Gary Scotland Level 6 (12,784 points)

    then its still under warranty - get a replacement!

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    How did they fix it? Did they just replace those keys? I'm having the same problem and am wondering how much the solution costs.

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    Hi Alias7


    Ask about this as a new question rather than link to one that is two years old.   It's more likely to draw attention and things may have changed since then.

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    Just taken another look at your posting history and found you have indeed tried a post of your own.   From what I can see, your problem should be covered by point 9 from Pedro's reply which was quite thorough.    If the letters are highlighted it would mean the keyboard is not the problem.


    But if not, it would appear the keyboard may be suspect.   A small spillage when the machine was not running and then allowed to dry is a thought; a faulty circuit inside is another.   Note how the failing letters are all in sequence and not occurring haphazardly.


    Have you tried it on another Mac or tried someone else's keyboard on your Mac

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    Thanks seventy one. Yes, I tried other keyboards connected to my Mac and they work fine. I tried the Point 9 from Pedro, and the keys did not highlight. So the keyboard is suspect.


    Its happening multiple times per day. Sometimes, I can press many of the non-working keys all at once over and over for 1 to 3 seconds, and then they start working again for some time (seconds or hours). Doing this definitely helps, but is not a long-term solution. I've bought an external keyboard since I don't think there is any solution based on the similar threads regarding these specific keys not working.

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    So I assume the external one you have bought works and you will dispose of the faulty one.   Problem solved, it seems.

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    I wish it was solved. This is a macbook pro, so the keyboard is built into the laptop. I can't dispose of it. I want the faulty keyboard to work.