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Don't just mean by display but also by processing, memory and HD sharing.


Something similar to running 2 Processors in a Mac Pro.


This will allow you to have 2 X 27' Cinema Displays with a lot of processing power & memory while controlling it all as a sigle unit. 1 keyboard, 1 mouse, 1 trackpad.

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    Not that I know of - nice dream though. You can get a switch (can't remember off hand what the proper name is) to use it to control two computers with one wired keyboard/mouse, but the computers still remain as two separately working units.

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    Come now, you can't jusy destroy a mans dream like that. Was already thinking this would justify getting New iMac when it becomes available.

    I know you can use it as an additional display, surely you should be able to link 2 iMac and make them work on one problem, such as Photo Editting or Movie Editting.

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    Okay, so there is filesharing...... (and I just remembered: it's called a KVM switch for the keyboard)..


    That still does not combine processing power, RAM, etc. A Mac Pro is one computer - two iMacs are two computers with two separate processors, logic boards, hard drives, etc, etc....