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I have received many emails saying: "The host name of macmini-c42c030d62c6.local has changed to macmini-c42c030d62c6.local. Some services may not work correctly until they have been updated to use the new configuration. If I click on macmini-c42c030dd62c6.local I have 2 options: connect and copy. I click on connect and it shows connecting to the sewrver: Connecting to afp://macmini-c42c030dd62c6.local...." then it shows "it had been a problem to connect to the server macmini-c42c030dd62c6.local (it is possible the server doesn't exist or it is not available in this moment. Check the name of the server or IP Address, net connection and try again

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    This question is outside my experience and I assume that it has nothing to do with the subject of this forum, creating podcasts. May I suggest you ask it in the OSX Server forum if that seems to be appropriate (even if it is to do with Podcast Producer I still have to refer you there).