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so since i got my macbook pro, i made an account for ichat but i forgot my password, and i don't know what to do, is there any way to reset it or something? please help!

MacBook Pro
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    Open your Applications/Utilities folder an launch KeyChain Access.

    With the Login item selected top left and Passwords lower Left look up the ID/Screen Name on the panel on the right

    When you find it double click it it bring up the Info panel

    Tick the Show Password box

    (It will bring up a dialogue box asking for Your Mac User Password and then click Allow Once)

    The lower Text field of the Info panel should now show you the password.


    The above will work if you entered the password in iChat and asked it to be saved.


    If you choose not to enter it in iChat so it was stored then you will have to got to the web site where you registered the name.


    iForgot can be used for Apple IDs ending in @mac.com or @me.com

    For AIM registered name start here  Use the Sign In option top right then the "Forgot Password" option at the Login in page.




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