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Hi all,


Basically my question is exactly that. I am a new to mac user, and have got a new mac air. Whilst in the store setting up our new mac the people in the shop told us that we could only have 1 icloud account per user, and therefore my wife and i should set up separte user accounts. Great. However, we both want to be able to access all of our photos and our music library. I have been into the sharing folders, but i must be doing somthing wrong, because as my wife turns on iphoto in her user account, she cannot access any of our photos.


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MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    You may want to read this Apple article about sharing photos between multiple users.


    This article is similar for iTunes music.


    Best of luck.

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    Hi Laundry Bleach,


    Thank you for your post, I am transferring my photos to my time machine as I type. Will this work, and do I need to redirect the iphoto library in the same way as the example in the article reffering to creating a new disc? Also, will my photos still get backed up as they are on my time machine.


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    I presume you mean that the iPhoto library is being moved to the disk on a Time Capsule (the AirPort base station with an internal hard drive) is that right? Or do you mean that it is being copied to an external hard drive connected to your MacBook Air that you also use for Time Machine backups?


    In any case, do not use the same disk for primary storage of an item if you are using it also for TM backups. Why? If you do that and the hard drive you are using is lost/becomes corrupted/fails physically then you have lost your only set of that data. Better is to use a separate drive.


    Best of luck.

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    Hey, I had the exact same problem and here is the best solution (in my opinion).  First decide which user will have the photos and put them all in there under your iphoto library.  Next, open up finder and then open up the 'users' folder.  Under 'users' open up the folder for the user that has the pictures (you need to be on this user's account when you do this).  Now you should see all the folders for that user such as desktop, documents, downloads, etc.  Find the pictures folder and right click on it.  Select "get info".  On the new window that opens up you will see "sharing & permissions" down at the bottom.  All you have to do is select the plus button and add your wifes user name to the list.  Once you have done that, she will be able to look at all of your pictures and even use your library for her iphoto app (so that you don't duplicate the pics and take up space).  If you want to let her edit the photos (which I'm sure you better do!), then make sure under "privilege" you give her the ability to "read & write". 


    I know it is a lot to follow so don't hesitate to reply if you get stuck.  I can try explaining it again.  This will make it so that two or more users can access the same files such as pictures, music, documents, or whatever you decide to share.  This saves you from having to use a separate hardrive just to share things like pictures.  Hope this helps.