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My girlfriend's MacBook Pro was siting on my couch, closed and sleeping. The back of the MacBook was facing our end table where there was a cup partially filled with water. When I got home from work, our cats had knocked the cup over and it had spilled the water onto the couch. The couch was damp as was the bottom of the MacBook. I wiped the water off with a paper towel. There wasn't much water but when my girlfriend tried to turn it on, nothing happened. We currently have the MacBook partially open and sitting upside down trying to drain any water remaining out of it. What else should we do? What components of the MacBook could possibly be damaged? Please help!

MacBook Pro
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    I don't know if anyone can advise what components might have been affected by any water. You're doing right to dry it out, which you really should do before trying to turn it on. You can also use a hair dryer, on low heat, to blow heated air into the MBP.  Don't put the heat on high enough to melt anything!


    If after you're sure it's dried out it still won't start, and you know it's getting power, reset the SMC as well as PRAM. If it still won't start, take it to Apple.

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    No offence to the original poster but i've read this post before on the macbook section, well, something similar.


    First it was vodka and sprite and was spilled by a cat on the power cord. ( i replied on that one )


    Then another post was similar except for the vodka but the cat was also involved.


    Now here's another post about a cat knocking a cup on the same area as the other two post i've read.


    Must be some breeds of cats that hates macbooks.


    Again, it's possible that this post is not connected to the others i've read in the past couple of days.  Just similiar.

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    Thank you. How long should we leave it upside down and open? When should we try and turn it on again?

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    LOL! Definitely not related. We don't even drink for one, and for two, our cats knock over EVERYTHING. I just want to know what to do to fix it. She got it from Make A Wish and it's completely irreplaceable.

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    No worries.....

    I was more interested in the cat that tend to spill stuff on the macbooks for the past couple of days...


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    Leave it drying at room temperature for a minimum of 72 hours before trying to turn it on again. Do NOT use a hairdryer. There's no telling what got wet or what you damaged by powering it on prematurely, so if you can't get it to go after it's dry, take it in for repair and brace yourself for a big bill.


    And if your cats can be depended on to spill whatever you leave around, stop leaving things around for them to spill.

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    About how big of a bill are we talking here? (In USD)

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    We don't know, but nothing under $900 would be very surprising. If both the logic board and the display got wet, the machine will be a total loss. It would be cheaper to buy a new one.

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    According to her it couldn't have been a large quantity of water because when she last went to drink out of it, she thought it was empty. So if that's the case, I'm guessing what little water was present had managed to spread under the surface of the couch. When I felt it, it wasn't soaked, just slightly damp. But the fact that it wouldn't turn on is extremely disheartening and has me worried.


    Also, I just noticed that upon putting my ear directly up to the MBP near the charging port, I noticed a faint humming noise, as if some mechanical piece of the computer was on, or trying to run. I'm not sure what that could mean or what it is, it almost sounds like a fan, but I can't be sure.

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    You're right to be concerned: the fact that it won't turn on is a bad sign. So give it several days to dry completely. A household fan blowing air over it constantly during that time will help. It may or may not come back to life -- cross your fingers.

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    A curious phenomenon that one notices after reading these forums every day for years is that the amount of liquid people have spilled into their Macs is inversely proportional to the time that has passed since it happened. So what was reported to be about half a cup of beer right after the accident is, by the next morning, barely a quarter of a cup, or maybe somewhat less. By a couple of days later, the amount spilled was just a few drops. And when the owner finally bites the bullet and takes it in for repair a month later, he's shocked -- shocked!! -- to be told by the technician that there's evidence of liquid damage inside. So regard your GF's diminishing estimate of the cat tsunami's magnitude as evidence of a widely-shared form of wishful thinking, and take it with an indulgent grain of salt.

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    I love the fact that I was just able to read the term "cat tsunami."


    Thank you for your help. Fingers will remain crossed for the next 70-ish hours.

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    put in some rice cause rice does drain it out

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    Take out the battery too and leave it open with the above rice suggestion.  I'd cross my fingers next but It happen to me too. I left my laptop dry out completely for several days and got lucky. I would not plug it in until it's completely dry.

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