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everytime i start my computer the date and time has changed to some crazy past date lite 1969. I fix and lock it and when i shutdown and return it has unlocked and changed again. How do I keep it locked.

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    This is a PowerBook, correct?  Is its main battery and the smaller backup battery working (holding a charge)?

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    PowerBooks, with a couple of minor exceptions, have a clock/PRAM backup battery inside, usually a Li-Ion rechargeable battery that can last nearly ten years or which can punk out after five years or so, depending on the luck of the draw.  When the clock comes up set to baseline (midnight GMT January 1, 1970) repeatedly, that is a dead giveaway that the backup battery is kaput.  That being said, the main battery should hold things up for quite a while, unless it is tanking as well.  (More on that below.)  There are relatively easy fixes for the problem that we can point you to.


    What is the specific PowerBook model giving you this problem?  Screen size, processor speed and machine model.  Launch System Profiler in your Utilities folder in the Applications folder.  You should see a Hardware Overview like this in Tiger:


    Hardware Overview:


      Machine Name:          PowerBook G4 15"

      Machine Model:          PowerBook3,5

      CPU Type:          PowerPC G4  (3.3)

      Number Of CPUs:          1

      CPU Speed:          1 GHz

      L2 Cache (per CPU):          256 KB

      L3 Cache (per CPU):          1 MB

      Memory:          1 GB

      Bus Speed:          133 MHz

      Boot ROM Version:          4.5.3f2


    Copy and paste that into your reply,  Do not include the Serial Number for the machine.  Then click the Power line under Hardware in System Profiler and copy the battery and charger information there into your reply.  That should give us some information about your main battery as well.  It should look something like this:


    Battery Information:


      Battery Installed:          Yes

      First low level warning:          No

      Full Charge Capacity (mAh):          5527

      Remaining Capacity (mAh):          5405

      Amperage (mA):          0

      Voltage (mV):          16553

      Cycle Count:          0


    AC Charger Information:


      AC Charger (Watts):          65

      Connected:          Yes

      Charging:          No



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    Model Name:          PowerBook G4 15"

      Model Identifier:          PowerBook5,6

      Processor Name:          PowerPC G4  (1.2)

      Processor Speed:          1.67 GHz

      Number Of CPUs:          1

      L2 Cache (per CPU):          512 KB

      Memory:          1.5 GB

      Bus Speed:          167 MHz

      Boot ROM Version:          4.9.1f3


    AC Charger Information:


      AC Charger (Watts):          65

      Connected:          Yes

      Charging:          No


    Battery Information:


      Charge Information:

      Charge remaining (mAh):          0

      Charging:          No

      Full charge capacity (mAh):          10000

      Health Information:

      Cycle count:          0

      Battery Installed:          No

      Amperage (mA):          0

      Voltage (mV):          0


    my battery is installed and it is a new battery, also my system started to go to sleep and will not wake up unless I disconnect th power supply and restart.

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    OK, you are in luck, a little bit, as the backup battery for your PowerBook is the less-expensive version found here at iFixit.  (by the way, it takes a little longer than five minutes to replace that battery in the computer.)


    Now, with respect to the "new" main battery, you may have a problematic item there, which happens once in a while because some vendors are selling, frankly, inferior products.  Nonetheless, with the battery in and System Profiler reporting what it did, you might want to try a PMU reset using the information from this KB article.  If you have the same type of report from System Profiler after the PMU reset, then you likely have a bad battery assembly, though a failed DC-In board is a less likely possibility.  If you get a more normal report, then let the battery charge.


    Before you tackle the backup battery, though, you need to get the main battery working properly.  Once that is done, you can then try a "force charge" of the backup battery by leaving the PowerBook on the AC adapter and taking the main battery out for eight hours.  Then you can test whether the backup battery has some charge by putting the main battery in, putting the computer to sleep such that the lunar LED is oscillating in brightness, disconnecting the AC adapter and then removing the main battery for five seconds and then replacing it.  If the machine does not shut itself down completely in that interval, the backup battery is charged.  If it does shut itself down, then the backup battery is kaput and should be replaced.

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    Thank you this is the problem, I need a new battery!