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    I would love for Apple to permit their own products to be rated in the app store, you can rate everyone else's apps but you can't rate apple's ..

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    Oklay people check this out, and tell me what I'm doing wrong.. Leave messages on these unlisted youtube videos.. Or here, but I'd prefer the youtube videos..




    I have a 2GB "Photo Library" that is undeletable.. I should be able to delete the photos from the usage section in settings on the iPad, shouldn't I.. I show in the "cellphone camera" video how I am trying to do that.. Note, this method of deleting data works for everything, but not for this, even though the option to delete the photos from the device are offered, you can't use it..


    I think apple failed..


    Oops I forgot to complete uploading the cellphone camera video.. That should be up shortly..

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    Thank you!  This solved my problem- I was trying to put my entire itunes library on my old cracked iphone.  Now that the photos are off it works great!

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    Worked perfectly!!! Thanks

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    Winner All Right!

    Winner All Right!


    Your goodwill is much appreciated!



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    Thank you so much for you handy little fix. Worked perfectly for me

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    thx.  this worked for me.  thankyou especially for clear ste by step instructions rather than skipping ahead or assuming tabs are easy to find.  kyle

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    lisamhos july 9, 2012 response worked for me (itunes on W7 + iPh4S - iOS6)  finally got rid of "photo library", and 2 other albums "last 12month upload" and another that i dont know where they came from.  apple = easy.  not necessarily.  my android wife giggling at me......

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    thank freedom, its really works....


    thanks so much for sharing...

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    I know I'm a year late but I just wanted to say thanks! You remedied my 1GB of photos-i-can't-unsync problem.  I am in IT and even I didn't think of that. Very clever.

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    Your idea totally works. Ever since I had my phone and have been syncing my photos I had no idea how i had these other two "albums" that I don't need and take up space. I tried your idea and it actually worked!!!

    Thank you so much. Now I still have my other issue to solve of the no sound, but  that's an issue for another forum...

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    Thank you for your help. I truely appreciate it. Kudos on a job well done. Worked like a charm. Two thumbs up! Tank you again.

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    Thank you so very much lisamhos.


    In the end, I am not entirely sure what I actually ended up doing, but it worked.

    I got my very 1st iphone (4) only a few days ago, and thought I had got things sussed - until I accidentally synced 791 photos from Photoshop Elements on my desktop pc to my phone. Horrified that Apple Manual said the photo library was not deletable from phone!

    Read your advice today and have fiddled around for ages, but was eventual successful in deleting photo library from phone, still retaining camera roll and photostream and not affecting library on my pc.


    Just a few things I encountered, in case it may help others.....


    I couldn't find an icon for 'Phone' on left, so I just clicked on photos

    I did set up an empty folder on my desktop and tried to sync to it but that didn't seem to work (kept saying couldn't as my phone capacity full - despite clicking on the option, which occasionally came up, of removing photos). I then put 1xphoto into the empty folder, as someone else suggested, but still no luck. At about that time (I think!) I reverted to choosing photoshop elements when clicking on 'sync folders from...' before clicking on apply/sync bottom right. For the 1st time a sync started and said something like 'collecting safari browsing data' which completed quickly. The next time I clicked apply (? followed by sync) at bottom right, the Photoshop Elements library of 791 photos disappeared, almost instantly, from my phone (together with the flower icon). Couldn't believe it as I was by then at the point of giving up and considering restoring phone and starting again.....


    I am on leave from work this week so found time to mess around with this, but it's certainly not my idea of a great way to spend a holiday!


    PS I hope Apple takes these comments about the problem on board...... presuming that they read this?! 

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    lisamhos this worked PERFECT!  Thanks so much!

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    Thank you sooo much.. I thought I was being a bit thick at not being able to get rid of the photos.. as much as I liked the pics, I really didn't need 3 copies of the same ones

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