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Yesterday accessing my mac.com mail on my Android phone suddenly stopped working. It had taken some finagling to get it to work when I converted over from MobileMe, but it did work for several weeks. I changed nothing on my incoming server settings. I can still send email from my phone (a Droid 2) via mac.com. Anyone have suggestions for working mail settings (maddening how every Android device has slightly different Mail applications).

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    I can still access and send mac.com mail from my MacBook Pro. Just having problem with Android phone.

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    The threads about server settings changing appear to be correct. The problem is finding the right variant of the incoming server if you don't have an iPhone, iPad, or don't use a Mac. I finally found the right server by checking my settings in Apple Mail on my Mac.


    There is tremendous variability in the user interfaces across Android devices. Usually in the advanced settings. My Droid only offers TLS security, not SSL. The Droid 4 has a bunch of extra options not on my phone. Samsung and HTC phones are different. iPhones hide most of the details if you use auto setup.