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digging into Lion and all the new changes I find that Apple is not supporting galleries in iCloud

Nor are they supporting iWeb or a slew of other offerings, and dishing these functionalities out to competitors, i.e. Facebook and Twitter and third party ISPs

*** ??

Does anyone know what's going to happen in Aperture with the 180 from Apple regarding publsihing galleries ?

Do I literally have to download all my galleries from MMME to save them ?


This is one of the things I loathe about Apple, they innovate and have no compunction or second thought

how it's going to effect their users.

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    If you go to www.me.com, then to your Gallery page, there is a download button at the top that will download all your photos into a .zip file.


    Screen Shot 2012-06-06 at 11.08.11 PM.jpg

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    I'd really like to know for myself! We only know the offiicial statements by Apple to the end of Mobile Me - you should have received an alert by now to save your MM content - this have been sent to all users last weekend and includes a download link for your web content.



    iWeb will still work after the end of Mobile Me; so you will still be able to use it to create web sites - publish to your disk or upload to a site with FTP access. Aperture web galleries I export to my disk and upload via FTP (Cyber Duck)

    See this site by Roger Wilmut for your options:


    Migrating from Mobile Me:



    And if you want to continue to use iWeb, see this fix by Old Toad and Roddy McKay:

         Modify the iWeb Application: http://oldtoadstutorials.net/No.26.html