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I have a bad feeling what I want can't be done, but thought I'd check an make sure.


I have several addresses I send mail from including some alias addresses for my @me.com account.


I use these different addresses to send things to different people like family, friends, business (and I really don't want my real me.com address going out since I never want it to get spam - aliases I can change easier!


The problem is with the options of what to set as the default address.  Sooner or later, I write a new email and the default isn't going to be what I want so now that person has two (or more) addresses for me!


The only solution I can see would be if there was an option to NOT have a default address.  This would force me to choose it manually for any new mail (replies to messages would, of course, keep the same address) since, trying to send it with no address would bring up a warning to fill it in.


Is there any way to do this?  Or is there some other mail client I can use (though I would rather just keep the Apple program if possible) that does this?

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    You can choose which address it is sent from, that is if you have more then one email account. You should also look at the Reply To address included in the email you are sending as that may be something different then the address you are sending from.

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    Hmmm, hadn't thought of that.  Not sure what that does exactly, but maybe someone else can explain it.  Might not be as good as having no address since that forces you to enter one.  At my age, I forget sometimes so it would guarantee I avoid the problem.

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    Although I am not that familar with Mac Mail in most mail programs you can override the Return address, reply to, to something other then the address it was sent from. Not sure it that will help you but it is an option.


    I have 6 different email addresses so when I am composing a new email it defaults to what the program and I have selected as the default address for mail to be sent from. All I have to do is select, from a drop down, one of my other addresses for that particular email to be sent from.

    I personally don't use the otion I wrote about above as I don't need that feature but other find it very handy.

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    Well, there is a problem - uning the reply to item, someone clicking reply will have it sent to the address I want - bit the original address still shows - that's what I'm trying to avoid.


    I guess that leaves me with either hoping Apple adds the option to not default to any address (so I have to manually enter it) or find another mail client that gives what I need.