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Hi Guys,


I need a bit of help with the following.


I have a 1TB GTech GRaid external hard drive, which seems to have gone on the blink.


When I start it up it spins into action but then following a small clicking sound winds back down again. It then spins up again, and then with a click winds back down again. This goes on and on and on...


What is the best way of hooking up the internals of this drive directly to the Mac Pro?


Or is there a better option to start the drive as it stands, without having to open it up?

  • Linc Davis Level 10 Level 10 (173,135 points)

    You can remove the drive mechanism from the enclosure and install it in another one, or in an internal drive bay. I'm not optimistic that it will work. The drive is more likely to have failed than the enclosure.

  • Ricks ricks@macgurus.com Level 6 Level 6 (11,515 points)

    If I am not mistaken, the GRAID enclosure is a multiple drive enclosure with a built in RAID0 function. You cannot pull the drives and attach them to a regular SATA connection, like inside the MacPro, and have the volume mount. The enclosure/bridge created the RAID, without the bridge the RAID won't function or be mountable.



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    Not what I wanted to read


    Ricks, I think you're right about the configuration.


    I got a quote on having the data retrieved. The amount they are asking for is astronomical .


    I had some one else also suggest trying a different power supply unit as these sometime limit the power hence the drive not being able to fully spin up.


    I can hear mine spinning. But then spinning back down again.


    Going to source a PSU this weekend and keep my fingers crossed.


    A lesson well learned I think. Have a double back up.