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  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,240 points)

    "may offer an explanation as to why the guy from Sweden is having difficulty accessing the 4G LTE network there."

    He never said anything about LTE.

    Also, it should connect via 3G or even EDGE as noted in your post.

    "iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular is compatible with all carriers that support iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, with additional support for fast 3G networks, including HSPA, HSPA+, and DC-HSDPA."

  • michaelfrommontpellier Level 1 (0 points)

    I am sorry Bob, but you are wrong. New ipads or ipad 3 are locked by all carriers in Europe and the middle east. I know this as I own a second hand phone and ipad business. I also think that despite the fact you have thousands of posts, you could do with being a little nicer. These forums are here to,help, not tell people they don't know what they are doing. Just my 0.02€

  • wegras Level 6 (15,035 points)

    iPads of any model are NOT locked in UK ( I have both an original and New )

    Except where they were sold as part of the package including a data plan sold

    directly by a carrier and the cost subsidised and this is VERY rare

    It may well be the case in mainland Europe but I doubt it

    iPads circulate freely and the vast majority are not locked

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,240 points)

    Peter Gillespie wrote:


    iPads of any model are NOT locked in UK ( I have both an original and New )

    Except where they were sold as part of the package including a data plan sold

    directly by a carrier and the cost subsidised

    Yes, this was already mentioned.

    and this is VERY rare

    I suggest it is fairly common.

  • dchao99 Level 4 (2,040 points)

    I have the Verizon iPad 4G.  And I can simply put in my AT&T SIM card, and it can surf the AT&T HSPA+ network.  The only thing you need to do is to change the APN manually (I just use, and this is different from SIM locking.


    I am not the only one, there are many people who have done it already, here is an example:



    Maybe Vedrizon iPad is unlocked but AT&T one is locked?  I don't have the AT&T version, so I can't check for you guys.


    For anyone wanting to buy a iPad for global travelling (by using different local SIM card), Verizon version should be the safer bet.

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    I must say... there are people here that are just simply RUDE and don't really contribute anything other than their vile bs.


    Such a shame.

  • imobl Level 5 (5,800 points)

    You revived a thread that was almost 4 months old and added

    what positive discussion to the thread?

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    I have an ipad 4 wifi & cellular and it is locked with at&t, can I unlock it legaly?

  • Dah•veed Level 7 (33,410 points)

    After you have completed the two year cellular service contract with AT&T you can ask AT&T to unlock it.

  • Alvarogr Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Franks


    I hope you managed to solve your problem by now, but in case you haven't or someone else has it. Here's how I solved it with a quick explanation, I hope it helps you.


    1) you mentioned that your "Dubai" iPad came with an AT&T chip. That's great news, as that is the chip you want to have. It means that your iPad works on a GSM network and not a CDMA network as Verizon's. I believe that at this point CDMA only remains in use in the USA, basically by Verizon.


    2) the SIM PIN refers to the SIM you actually have inserted, not the one you just took off. (Personally I felt like an idiot when this dawned on me)

         (At first I thought it was the AT&T sim that was locked)


    3) you will find the SIM PIN for your new SIM on the back of the card you punched it out from. Use PIN, I'm not sure if PIN2 works or not. I guess it would, but i believe it is to be used in case you have a double line. You also have the PUK numbers, which should help in case you've used up your 3 tries.


    4) try that pin, or use the PUK and contact your provider to unlock THE CHIP, not the iPad. The iPad isn't locked, but i believe that this point has been previously and quite bluntly stated.  The Verizon iPad isn't technically blocked, but good luck finding a CDMA carrier other than Verizon's.


    5) finally, just for reference, when you insert a sim from a different country, make sure you get the SIM PIN. Also check out the available services for each country. Once your iPad/iPhone recognizes the Network it is now living in, It will give you the services apple has "allowed" for that particular country. I.e. if you bring an Uk factory unlocked iphone to the UAE and install an Etisalat sim in. Guess what, no FaceTime for you.  It happened to me. (A lot of international carriers block WhatsApp or Viber as it cuts in into their other services.)


    I hope this solves it, and that you can now happily use a Swedish provider, in your Dubai bought, American market iPad. (As it is intended to)



    Bob the fisherman whilst initially well meaning, failed to understand your problem, as he may not be familiar with network connectivity in different countries, or the characteristics of the different vendors abroad. (Like a guy in the Dubai mall selling imported iPads from the US). No need to be rude either

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    I asked Apple. The AT&T models are locked to only AT&T cellular, be it the older or the newest IPad Retina models. So you need to do a little more research before replying to questions. ENOUGH Said.

  • Dah•veed Level 7 (33,410 points)

    Your first eve post here and you decide to be snarky? Way to get on the ASC Host's radar!

  • Fransk Level 1 (0 points)

    I am terribly sorry, i have solved my problem about two wweks after my post, but i am verygreatful to everyone who answered to my problem. I have read about many possible solutions, but this is what happened - when i got the iPad from Dubai there was a sim card in it from AT&T, when i bought a sim card from the swedish operator, inserted it into iPad and fixed all settings it said it was locked on AT&T...then i contacted both swedish operators and applu support and so on... and noones solution helped.... until i just returned to the store where i got the sim card to just try another one and it appeared to be just a broken sim card that caused all problems - it wasnt functional and this is why iPad couldnt detect it and wrote that it was locked on AT&T, when i inserted the new sim card everything worked and it still does. This was nothing i could think of from the beginning, maybe it was stupid, but i am glad that it worked out in the end. Thank you everyone!

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    Hi, I wanted to be the part of this post and requires a solution for myself that I bought a iPad retina display it's on tmobile uk I put 3 network sim in it it said it is invalid then I put tmobile sim it's from above discussion as you said it isn't unlocked how come the three network sim is not working??

  • dchao99 Level 4 (2,040 points)

    I think if you're in contract with T-mobile, your iPad could be sold as locked.  This is because your iPad is subsidised by the carrier.  Just ask T-mobile to unlock it for you, they should do it after you are a few month into the contract.


    If your Ipad was from the Apple store, then the iPad would be unlocked.