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This relates to syncing the iPad with the Mac OSX. The problem involves transfering the ipad calendar data over to the Mac. It used to do it but it has now stopped. Data from the Mac calendar to the iPad is not affected. I am using Wi Fi with the USB lead from desktop to iPad.


For your guidance the settings are

On iPad:

   Sync all events.

   Default calendar - Calendar   from my Mac - all events  - on my ipad  - calendars


On Mac:


    Sync calendars  - All calendars


Any ideas please?

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    Did you already try to reset the sync history in iSync/Settings on your Mac?

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    I have been to i Sync on my Mac but there seems to be no options other than to start a sync. When I do this it can't find a device to sync with, even though my iPad is plugged in. When it looks for a device it is looking for bluetooth, which I don't have.

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    Open iSync, choose iSync/Settings from the menu and click on "reset sync history", quit iSync and try again.

    If this does not help, try the suggestions mentioned here:

    Sync Services: Advanced troubleshooting for contact and calendar syncing

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    Thanks for your suggestions but I still have a problem.


    Firstly I should say that all my syncing is through iTunes only. I do not use i cloud (my Mac is too old to use iCloud) nor mobile me. When I click on i Sync I get no options to choose ' iSync/Settings' as you suggest, nor a menu of any sort; I only get the sync disc icon. I have also followed the instructions (as best I can) in Sync services but these seem to relate only to syncing via means other than iTunes.


    I have also run some tests, and find that I can not sync my Contacts either. I can only sync one way, from my desk top Mac to iPad. I have turned the iCloud settings on the iPad both ON and Off, but it makes no difference.


    As I said earlier, syncing both ways used to work ok, but I am not sure when this problem arrose and whether it relates to any changes to settings I have inadvertently made in the past.

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    Have exactly the same problem with new iPad and older MacBookPro. It used to work but I recently updated from 10.6.5 to 10.6.7. Seems that the problem occured after the update. iPad Software and iTunes are up to date.


    I'm wondering if you found a solution meanwhile?



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    Yes, I did solve the problem but had to use apple support. Unfortunately can't remember how it was done but seem to recall closing down all other syncing options. If your iPad is new you can probably get free support. Sorry  I can't be of more help. Anything technical goes in one ear and out the other.