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I have a powerbook G4 12" that does not power on.  It quit on me in late 2007 and since has just been taking up space in a closet.  I originally sent it along with 3 non functioning iphones (1- 2g, 1- 3g, 1-3gs) to cash for iphones.  They told me they would give me $158 on the website for all 4 items.  So I sent them, now they called and took their offer to $40, then up to $80.  Such a scam!  So they are sending it all back.  What is a G4 that does not power up worth to a refurbisher?  As I remember it was working fine until it just one day would not turn on (and the newer MacBooks just came out).  Is there an easy fix to making it turn on?  I remember always having a problem with the G4 generations power supplys and the internal component to it, and always having to figit with it to get it to connect (this was with both G4 12" and 15" that I had).  Is there a fix for this?  Or is there any way to change the power components in a G4 to those like the Macbooks?  Thanks for any input.  Now that I was getting scammed by this company I have interest in getting the computer working again.

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    Worth broken is dependable on the condtion of the powerbook and the specification. Those places that say they will pay out for used old laptops and phones, never pay what they value them at. Sadly there is no way of upgrading a Powerbook to match that of a MacBook. The only items your can upgrade are the memory, hard drive and OS.

    Fixing it really does depend, it could be as simple as the DC inboard or power adapter needs replacement, or a terrible as a complete logic board replacement. A logic board can be replaced but at great expense.

    You really need to run some diagnostics on the laptop. A shop could help you with that.

    Best of luck

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    In working order, your Powerbook would be worth $75-$150 now. Broken, it's worth so little it's not worth talking about. The chances are pretty good that you could buy a similar used machine that works for less than fixing yours would cost.

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    Go to low end mac swap list and offer it for shipping cost. You won't get a better deal.