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When I sync my iphone to Outlook 2010, the birthdays are off by one day.  All of the other events are correct.  The birthdays are one day ahead.  Any thoughts as to what is going on and how to correct that?  Thank you. 

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1.1
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    How did you get the birthday calendar to sync?

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    I plugged it in an synced it through ITunes.  I have notice now that the holidays are off by a day too at least Father's Day was this past weekend.  It showed it on Saturday and not Sunday.  However, in Outlook everything is fine. 

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    Ok, I have had the same issues with birthdays and just realized something.  On my Iphone 4s- When I deleted and entered the birthdays again but using the CURRENT year not the year they were born it worked fine, so I went and did a couple with the year they were born and sure enough, off a day.  So I think that the year is what messes it up.  Its not like it calculates how old they are so no need to have the specific birth year in there.  Hope this helps.