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Alpesh Gor Level 1 (0 points)

Guys, please bear with me on this one;


I'm working with a client who has a fair bit of material, which he intends on importing onto an external HD using Imovie 11 and then naming, sorting and organising for me prior to me editing the footage on FCP 7.


Will this be possible?


Or would it be better if I could somehow import all the footage using my FCP 7 and passing the HD to him to name and organise on his iMovie 11?

  • Gary Scotland Level 6 (12,777 points)

    stay clear of imovie if you will be editing with FCP.


    I would rather log and import properly using FCP than ever contemplate someone else providing  clips from iMovie.


    They may think they are doing you a favour but youl get tied up in knots later.


    Send them a burnt in timecode version of all the material to an H264or other convenient file, get them to playback in Quicktime player then they type in the time codes for in and out with clip names in a word processor, which you then use to edit.

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    Thanks Gary. That sounds like a much safer plan.


    Alterantively, would it be possible for me to Log and Import all the footage to an external drive, which he can then play on his iMovie 11 and then simply place all the Imported Files into Folder and then re-label & number the Folders? I then can take the HD back and all he has to do is give me the timecodes?


    Hope that made sense

  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,795 points)

    FCP 7 and iMovie 11 do not mix...in any way, shape or form.  Period.  Do not do anything in iMovie that you intend to take to FCP...do not do anything in FCP that eventually will end up in iMovie.  They are completely different.  If they are using iMovie 11, then you need to capture and organize in iMovie 11.  If you need the project to be in FCP 7, then start it in FCP 7. 


    The only version of FCP that works with iMovie is FCP-X.  You can start projects in iMovie, and convert them to FCP-X projects. I don't think you can go the other way though. 

  • Gary Scotland Level 6 (12,777 points)

    As Shane says;   "FCP 7 and iMovie 11 do not mix..."


    I would still suggest the workflow above, the broadcast industry has used the  (off line / online) editing principle  for 20 years from the launch of Quicktime in 1992 so its well proven.


    We still use this on every major project we edit to co-ordinate work in post  between editors, producers, sound and grading.

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    Thanks guys. Will go with the Timecode and H264 method


    PS Guys, I wanted to give you both a Thanks but thank myself by mistake