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Hi all

I've been configuring Mac OSX Servers for a while, but in every configuration I have seen many bugs in Access lists.

For example, if I put a group in an access list and then I add an user to the group, the ACL is not applied to that user. I have to add it manually to the ACL.

Is it normal? I've read the whole documentation, but no clues on what makes this happen.


Also if I put "special" permissions into a folder (for example, anybody DENY delete this folder only) it doesn't work. The permissions is the first in the list.

the effective permissions inspector works with the second try (I drag and drop the same folder two times and different permissions appear).


Does anybody have issues like these?


Thank you.

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    There's not enough information to provide you with an answer....


    Please post an example of the ACL in use, and the output of an "id" command (available via Terminal.app and the shell) from the errant user; of one of the failing configurations.


    Whether there's a file server involved here can also be a potential factor; are the files involved with the ACLs being served to other hosts by (for instance) AFP or Samba/SMB/CIFS/Windows file server?


    Your forum footer also shows OS X 10.5.8, but there's a tag for 10.6 listed - more recent versions of OS X do tend to work better here - but which OS X version are you working with?