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I just purchased a refergished iPad 2 which I initially charged vis USB computer connection.  After receiving and installing the Smart Cover several days later. I noticed yesterday that the charge level was indicating 50%.  At the time I was also attempting to initialize an Airport Extreme 1 for use as a mobile unit between my iMac and iPad so did not have an open USB port at the moment and connected the AC charger block with USB connection to the iPad.  This morning when I checked the iPad is showing only 64% charge.  With the cover in place, the iPad seems to operate in Sleep mode rather than physically being turned off.  I guess the question is whether the Smart Cover properly shuts down the iPad or if there is some setup preference that I have not checked?


The only instructions with the Smart Cover was a pictoral attachment sheet on card stock which only showed the actual attachment process.  There is, however, one part I did not understand and that was the loose leaf plastic feel that seems to indicate it just slipped into place with attachment only on the tab but not where else.



iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1, Not absolutely sure of the iOS.