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We have six mac computers in our office and we keep our files on a network drive that is accessed wirelessly.  One of our folders has 40 or so client project folders inside it.  I've discovered that on my iMac, about ten of these folders have lost their original status when I booted up this morning (they were all originals yesterday) and are now aliases demanding to be fixed or deleted. No one has copied them, moved them, and some haven't even been opened since April.


I've done some research online and it seems this problem often gets blamed on moving a file or copying a file and the file/folder itself is written off as dead.  But the extremely crazy thing is on the other 5 computers in this office, they can access the files as originals (which they are).


I had one of my coworkers make a duplicate of one of my aliased folders, which she did, and then I was able to open it and use the contents. But about an hour later, it was suddenly an alias again and I no longer had access.


We've had this problem on more than one computer in the office, but never the same folder at the same time. It can always be accessed from somewhere, so what causes one computer to suddenly view an original folder as an alias, while another computer can view that same folder as an original?


In our office we run:

2 iMacs

2 Mac Air

Mac "Brick" (we named the laptop that after using the Airs)


4 computers use Lion

2 computers use Snow Leopard


We've rebooted the computer in question, we've disconnected and reconnected to the networkdrive, we've rebooted the networkdrive without any luck.