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My iTunes U content is not showing up in the main menu of my iPod Classic. The iPod Classic manual says that there should be an iTunes U item right in the main menu, along with Music, Videos, Podcasts, etc.


I can find iTunes U files littered in two other places: Music->Playlists->iTunes U, and Music->Genres->iTunes U. The problem with this work-around is that the files have no organization in these views. Unlike podcasts that are organized by title and then when you click on each podcast you see a listing of individual episodes, the iTunes U files are all mixed together.


I have around 50 iTunes U classes, each with about 2 dozen tracks. These are well organized on my Macbook (by default, just by downloading them), but without the iTuens U section on the iPod, they show up as a few hundred random tracks in no discernable order.

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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