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I have a MBP 17" Late 2011 model with the Intel HD 3000 and AMD 6770M grpahics cards. I have read through many of these posts and found the exact same problem that I am having as well. I hook up a monitor through the VGA connection; Windows sees the monitor and even correctly idenifies the model; however no picture on the screen.  Also, when monitor is connected is shows the startup windows screen and even the Safe boot screen; but the second it gets into the desktop the screen goes away on the 2nd monitor. I have tried many of the solutions; updating boot camp drivers, updating AMD drivers, etc. and no joy.  When updating the AMD drivers, AMD's website detected that the hardware was the 6700 series and windows 64-bit; gave me the drivers to install and when installed the drivers their program ended up saying that the hardware was incompatible and not the right one.  Why is this so hard and can anyone tell me what to do, also is it possible to get windows to see the Intel HD 3000 card or is that just not possible.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7,4 GB RAM 1333
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    etc isn't enough.


    Installing AMD driver without uninstalling won't either (there are a lot of threads on the topic of gpu drivers and how to) But you can't just install. you may need to use Safe Boot, uninstall program adn driver, clean the registry, reboot and then install.


    Auto detect is not or was not reliable good method in the past.


    Switching between Intel integrated graphics and AMD was also not supported  in the past. And now AMD is no longer doing monthly updates - too complex - in favor of fewer major and instead just patches and app profiles.


    Only method to update Apple software is redownload thru BC Assistant again and there won't be graphic drivers. There could be firmware updates for some.


    VGA may be an issue, or the adapter.

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    I have followed your advice and still no go with dual monitor through VGA.  However, here is an interesting note.  Using the ATI drivers from bootcamp 4.0 disk, the program detects the graphics card as a 6740 and not a 6770M.  However, AMD's own website detects it as what Apple stats in their specs, a 6770M and when it give the the drivers to install that, the program won't load it saying it is the incorrect hardware/software match up, but it does the SAME decting with the boot camp drivers and goes a head and installs the drivers for the 6740.  I am not sure what to do, so here's a run down again of what I have and what I need to do:


    MBP 17" 2.4 GHz Intel i7, 4GB RAM 1333

    Bootcamp 4.0

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit edition


    Trying to use dual monitors through the VGA adapter, VGA adapter and cable work (works in safe mode, start up, and in OSX).  Once in Windows 7 desktop, 2nd monitor goes dark and won't respond.  I have gone into safe mode, uninstalled the display drivers, clean registry, reboot into safe mode, then install the bootcamp ATI graphics drivers (no go), rinse, repeat, tried using the drivers that AMD's website detects of the device (no go), rinse repeat went back to the bootcamp ATI drivers just so I can still use the main screen.Has anyone else figured out this problem.