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Why does my time capsule not show up under - GO - Computer - "devices"??

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,349 points)

    A "device" connects directly to a computer, usually via USB or Firewire.


    The Time Capsule is a shared network server.


    It will show up under the SHARED heading in the Finder, or under "Go" > Network



    Screen Shot 2012-06-09 at 8.25.57 AM.png

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    This is true, however, my Time Capsule WAS showing up under devices and suddenly disappeared.


    I was using Snow Leopard and decided to do a fresh install of Lion.  After getting Lion up and running, I was setting up my Finder "preferences", and chose to show "External Harddrives" in the general settings.  My Time Capsule popped up and was shown both as a "shared device" and as a "device".  It ran this way for 2 weeks. 


    Finally, as I was moving my very large Itunes folder from the Time Capsule device to my macbook, a window popped up I wish I read closer.  It said something about a dual device, and when I closed the window, the Time Capsule disappeared from my "device" list. 


    Bottom line is the Time Capsule used to be listed as a "device" as well as a "shared device", but now it's gone.  I can use it under the "shared devices", but it was nice to have listed as a "device" as well.  I am more curious about why I can't go back to list the "External Harddrives" and not have it show up again. 

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    Lion has made a number of changes. I'm afraid that the Time Capsule is going to only appear under the SHARED heading....unless there are some hidden settings or Terminal commands that I am not aware of.


    You might want to try a post in the Mac OS X v10.7 Lion Lion support area to see if someone over there can help as this is a Lion issue, not a Time Capsule issue.

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    This is true, however, my Time Capsule WAS showing up under devices and suddenly disappeared.

    Yes, this will happen in Lion if you either enter the Time Machine, or mount a sparsebundle in finder.

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    I am having the same issue but in my case I when I open my time capsule from shared in finder I am unable to see any files on it, only two top folders, one for my back up and one for my iTunes files which I was in process of moving over to the capsule but am unable to complete because finder no longer sees it as a device. iTunes is also unable to see it, when I attempt to change the location of my iTunes Media folder it does not see time capsule's drive.

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    OK, I'm by no means an expert. But chanced upon this solution, no idea why or how it worked, but it does work for me.


    Firstly, I'm running Mac OSX 10.8 with a brand new Time Capsule. I too was able to see TC folder under Devices and use it as a network storage device when the back up process was in progress. But it disappeared overnight when the backup had finished.


    So was getting quite frustrated and found no real satisfactory solutions in the various forums. Till I chanced upon this solution; all I did was launch the Time Machine application in the Applications folder and arrowed forward and  backward and forward again, BUT I didn't actually restore any backups, then Time Machine just appeared again under Devices in the Finder window.


    Hope this helps.

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    That is forcing the sparsebundle to mount which could lead to TM failing the next time it tries to start.


    I hope you are not placing your files inside the TM sparsebundle.

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    It's in a new folder I created in the Time Machine Backups 'Device'  but not in the Backups.backupdp folder. Sorry not sure what the sparsebundle is...

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    Sparsebundle is a disk image created by TM.. you have created a new folder but try and delete a file out of that folder and i doubt you can.. the whole sparsbundle is owned by TM.. and you SHOULD NOT create folders iinside it. You should create a separate disk image.. and use that for your files. Then you can mount your disk image and leave the TM well alone.


    See Q3 here.