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Hello Mac community,


I have got two amazing mac's at home. a 2010 8core mac pro and a 2011 17"macbook pro. both running 10.7.4 and with Hamachi installed. They work great, but occasionly on boot they have a fatal "you need to shut down..." error. corresponding to "current thread: Hamachid". i had this a few times and decided that i was done with hamachi and i have deleted it on both machines. About two weeks later i again got a fatal on startup. corresponding to *drums* ..Hamachid!!!

so i went in to library-application support and found that Logmein still had a folder with 10 files. i again deleted that folder on both macs (today).


now, have any of you experienced the same? and are there any other files were logmein digged into? i want to clean my Macs from all of their filthy software. and i hope that the steps above provide some info for people that are also experiencing this problem.


if anyone has got some suggestions, i would be glad to hear them.



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    Whenever you remove system modifications, they must be removed completely, and the only way to do that is to use the uninstallation tool, if any, provided by the third-party developer, or to follow his instructions. In some cases it may be necessary to re-download or even reinstall the software in order to get rid of it. I can't be more specific, because I don't install such things myself.


    Here are some general guidelines. Suppose you want to remove something called “BrickYourMac.” First, consult the product's Help menu, if there is one, for instructions. Finding none there, look on the developer's website, say www.brickyourmac.com. (That may not be the actual name of the site; if necessary, search the web for the product name.) If you don’t find anything on the website or in your search, email the developer. While you're waiting for a response, download BrickYourMac.dmg and open it. There may be an application in there such as “Uninstall BrickYourMac.” If not, open “BrickYourMac.pkg” and look for an Uninstall button.


    If you can’t remove software in any other way, you’ll have to erase your boot volume and perform a clean reinstallation of the Mac OS. Never install any third-party software unless you're sure you know how to uninstall it; otherwise you may create problems that are very hard to solve.


    Trying to remove complex system modifications by hunting for files by name often will not work and may make the problem worse.

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    After all I just removed the Hamachi files in Library, that did the trick.