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My Imac will have a black screen and won't wake up from sleep, and I try to turn if on/off with button in back and after holding the on/off button in for several seconds, the screen turns back to normal and useable. I'm not sure the cause, but would like some help figuring it out. Is my computer dying or have malware?

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    If you don't have a current full backup, make a disk backup.  No sense losing any data, particularly if your hardware is failing.


    If you're on 10.6, boot the installer DVD, and see if that shows similar symptoms.  If you're on 10.7, boot the recovery partition.


    And reset the SMC.


    Ensure you're patched to current; use Software Update to upgrade to the most recent software.

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    The model year of your iMac may be a factor, as I recall a firmware update some years ago to deal with a wake from sleep problem.  You'd be better off asking about this problem in the iMac forum rather than here in the Snow Leopard Server forum.