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I do not have the SYNC RINGTONE option in either iTunes or on my iPhone.  It has completely disappeared. How can I get it back? I have done all the things listed by Apple but if there is not RINGTONE option in iTunes & cannot select it.  Anyone else lost their Ringtone option from iTunes after the latest OS upgrade & sync??

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1.1
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    It's now called Tones. Go to iTunes menu EDIT/PRFERENCES under GENERAL tab, check the Tones Box under Library source to display Tones library in iTunes.

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    Thank you, I do see that folder.  The only problem is that my previously custom made ringtones do not show up there. I have the original m4r files sitting right there in my iTunes music but they are not recognized as ringtones.


    When I sync my phone they dont' show up as ringtones either. 


    Any ideas?


    Thank you for help...

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    Right click the ringtone in Music library and select Get Info and see from 'where' whether the file has been changed back to m4a during the update.  If so, just change them back to m4r.

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    Thank you soooooooooo much... knowing that they were changed to mp3's helped so much.  Although I had to use a conversion program to get them to work properly I have now restored my ringtones...  such a minor thing but it makes all the difference in the world.


    Thanks again!!!!

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    You're very welcome. :-)