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I can't figure this out.  I prepared a new playlist on my iMac, and synced my iPhone.  When I opened the playlist on the phone, MOST of the songs weren't there.  Tried it again.  Same result.  Out of desperation...I loaded my ENTIRE LIBRARY on my phone (which I didn't want to do).  The playlist still didn't work.


So, I trashed the playlist, and created a new one.  All the songs aren't even the same.  Still, MOST of the songs don't appear in the playlist, even though they are now there, individually, on my phone.


Any ideas?  Why is it some songs just don't want to be playlisted?

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    Are you using iTunes Match?  If so, this might be the known bug Apple is trying to fix.


    If not, check to see whether there are DRM issues with those songs.  iTunes will not transfer songs to which it does not have DRM permission.

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    I am not using iTunes match.  As far as the DRM issue, I don't think that was it either, as the songs play fine on my iPhone. 


    As a last resort, I removed all of the music and reinstalled all of it.  That seems to have done the trick.


    I do NOT know what was wrong.  But it's working now.


    Many thanks,

    Phil Rogers