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I wish to restore all of my music back into iTunes on my Mac which is now residing in iCloud.  None of this music has been purchased from the iTunes store.  How do I do this and turn off the iCloud service?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    iCloud does not back up music that was not purchased from iTunes.

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    Sorry, I misspoke.  I have my music in iMatch.  When I try to play a song locally from my iTunes folder, I get the message that iTunes cannot find the location of the song.  I assume that it is in iMatch, but I do not know how to retrieve it and place it back in my iTunes media folder.

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    OK thanks. To be clear, I just want to confirm that you are asking about iTunes Match - there is nothing called "iMatch" - not nitpicking, but want to be sure you know what iTunes Match can and cannot do.


    You're supposed to be able to download the song to your Mac by clicking the iCloud download button (cloud icon with a down arrow). Is that not working for you?


    Be aware that what you download may or may not precisely equal what you uploaded to iTunes Match. It's a "match" - the exact meaning of which is subject to interpretation.

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    I do not see a cloud with a download button.  where should I find it?

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    Make sure iCloud Download is checked in your View options:



    Then click the /___sbsstatic___/migration-images/186/18607030-2.png button next to the track. That will download the track if it is not already on your computer.

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    I now see the iCloud status of my songs, but only an ! next to the track and no downward arrow inside of a cloud.

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    That icon means there was an error uploading the song, which means it does not exist in iTunes Match.


    From iTunes Match: Understanding the iCloud Status icons:


    Try updating iTunes Match (Store > Update iTunes Match) to resolve this. If updating does not resolve the issue, try importing a new copy of the song into your iTunes library.