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Hi All,


Sorry, long, complicated enquiry.


Have recently updated operating system from Panther to Leopard, meaning that we had to also update to iMovie6 from iM5.  Have quite a number of plug-ins (both fx and transitions) that may not work with iM6, so tried to contact various software companies to ask if the versions we have would work.  Both Slick and Cfx have been very helpful, providing updated software where necessary, but it would seem that both Virtix and Stupendous Software have gone out of business. 


Without their advice, we are doubtful about using any of their plug-ins in iM6 for fear of corrupting any project we might be working on. Although it would be a shame to lose some of these, we'd rather be safe than sorry, so we plan to get rid of any plug-in about which there might be a doubt.  Can anybody think of a reason why this might not be the best of ideas?


Further problem.  Still have 3 or 4 ongoing projects in iM5 that may have some of the plug-ins we plan to dump applied to footage still on the timeline.  If we follow the above plan, what would happen to these projects when converted to iM6?  Even if the solution turns out to be drastic, then so be it, but if there is anyone out there who could give us some help on this, we'd be forever grateful.




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