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Dear Everyone,

I'm very new to motion but not to those kind of apps. Here is my problem, I want to create a segment with ends following to point over a video.

This is what I do :


  1. create a group with my video;
  2. use "analyze motion" behaviour to create the trackers for my two points. 'til here everything is ok ... and my two points are tracked correctly since I can see the two trajectories;
  3. create a new group and within create with the bezier tool a straight line;
  4. add to this line the "track points" behaviour for shape
  5. assign the analysis motion created at 2.
  6. assign the first control point to tracker1 and secondo control point to tracker2
  7. select "attach to source" ... 'til now it works since I can see my segment resized to fit the first frame distance between tracker1 and tracker2.


Everything seems ok ... but when I play the video my segment stays freeze and doesn't follow the two point tracked.

I've been trying many many times, and once apparently with the same procedure as reported I managed and my segment followed the two trackers ... then I saved ... went to bed ... and next morning with a huge surprise when I reopened the project the segment stayed freeze ...


What I'm doing wrong ?


Thanks for you help.



Motion 5, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I followed your steps and did not reproduce your problem.  A few thoughts:


    -When you use track shapes, you can disable points in the shape from being affected.  Make sure that this has not occured.  Select the Track Points behavior and the Adjust Item tool.  Make sure the blue control points have white dots (click them to check).


    -Try analyzing with the track points behavior.  You do not have to run Analyze Motion to track.  You can track from inside any behavior (except unstablize ).


    Are there any other steps or detail you can provide that might help us reproduce your issue?  Or can you post a copy of the project for someone to try?