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Hi all,


I am wanting to create a concept idea for a graduate class. The idea is to use the game Tetris as my metaphor for how landfills in our country fill up. My idea was to create four or five of the classic Tetris shapes and also import a plastic bag icon to put on top of each piece. As the pieces fall, the bags will reach the top of the screen showing a landfill "creation."


I've messed around with the Shape creation and tried out animating each shape using the Move Action under the Build Inspector. Yet, I'm getting stuck.


Has anyone ever made Tetris before in any slideshow? I want to show each piece "falling." Do I need to make multiple slides and merge them? If so, how? Any suggestions on how to make the pieces show up one at a time(like in the game at the top?).


I plan on having a small right hand section with information and statistics. 


Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)