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I am trying to download my digital copy of Chronicle, and have followed all of the steps on the DVD's insert, validating the code on Fox's relevant website.


Now that the code has been validated, I have opened iTunes and gone to the Redeem section of the iTunes Store. I have entered the code and clicked Redeem, but every time I am met with a red message telling me "You must insert your Digital Copy DVD into your computer to redeem this code," even though I already have the DVD in my computer. The DVD only came with one disc. Any help?

iTunes, Windows 7
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    I wish I could help, I have a similar issue, well, almost!!


    I go to the Fox Digital Copy site, enter in the activation code, choose iTunes format, and get a message 'Please check back in 48 hours for iTunes redemption'.   The message has been the same for the last 42 hours.


    I tried entering the same activation code directly into iTunes, but then I see the same message that you mentioned.


    Did the Fox Digital Copy web site tell you the code had been redeemed ok?


    Paramount havve a great system for disk-less digital copies, wish Fox was as good.. or at least worked!

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    I think that Fox is just a rat's nest. They get your money and they don't care if you get the product that you already paid for! I'm seriously considering NEVER to buy anything from them again!

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    I know this was asked a while ago but I had the same problem and was in search of answers.  After realizing no one figured this one out, I stumbled on the answer by accident.  With iTunes 11 if you have the digital copy disc inserted you should be able to use the Library menu (the drop-down on the top left where you can switch between music, movies, etc.) and the disc should appear as a selection.  Once selected it should automatically take you to a special redeem page for the disc.  Input the code and you should be golden.