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I have a 2011 mini and an external iSight connected by a 6pin - 9pin cable that I got with a hard drive. It works fine but I cannot use the apple mounts because they only work with the apple 6 pin cable. I know I can use a 6 pin to 9 pin adapter on the OEM cable but it won't work well where I have my mini situated because it will increase the back area needed by around 5 inches.


So my plan is to connect my OEM cable with the 6pin-9pin cable I already am using. Would this work with an adapter like this ?



This should effectively turn the apple cable into a 6pin to 9 pin. However I am worried that the 1.8m + 3feet would be too long and cause problems. Anyone try out this method?

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    I have not tested what you describe.


    However, adding three feet to a 1.8 m cable will not cause a Firewire cable-length problem.  Maximum (total) supported Firewire cable length for Mac is 4.5 meters: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2952


    One more thing for your consideration, though: External (Firewire) iSight may not play well with multiple connected Firewire devices.


    (More info: http://www.ralphjohns.co.uk/EZJim/EZJimpage6.html )


    In my experience,  Firewire compatibility problems are also possible with certain cables or adapters.  Therefore, if you experience a problem in your first test, I suggest you disconnect all other Firewire devices during testing.  You can then try at least one additional different connection alternative to determine whether your problem might be related to a bad or incompatible connector.



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