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At first I thought it was a Safari problem, so I used some other browsers and still get "-------- cannot open the page because the server cannot be found." it is only this website that this happens on and only within the past few days. I have an iphone 4s. Looking around the site and other forums on the internet, this or variations of this seem to be a common problem with the iphone and ipad. I have not yet found a solution that fixes the problem for me. I have tried all the usual suggestions: hatd shutoff of the phone, shutoff and unplug the wifi router as well as reset my network settings. Any other ideas? I am not highly technologically educated so if you suggest something to do with DSN's, please be very detailed as this is confusing to me. I really miss UFC.com.  Help, please.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, Updated today. Wish I hadnt.