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Hi all,


I had a search on here beforehand to see if anyone else has had this issue. I couldn't find a close match, but my apologies if I missed one.


I have an early model Mac Pro (v1.1) and last week the original hard drive (a good 6 years old) suddenly died. It was without any warning as previously the computer had been working fine. The only problem I noticed was immediately before the drive died, Firefox locked up my Mac to the point where I had to do a hard reset. When I turned the Mac back on, it would hang at the Blue screen with a spinning beachball.

I booted from the Snow Leopard install disk and did a HDD repair, where I learnt the drive was dead.

Promptly I bought a brand spanking new WD 1TB HDD, and reinstalled everything. I then tried to use a data recovery app (Disk Driller) to copy what it could off the old HDD, which was running off one of the internal SATA conenctions. This seemed to cause problems again, locking up the computer and so forth, to the point where again I had to reinstall Snow Leopard.

Now, I have the original dead 250gb HDD in an external case, attempting a restore by backing it up as a DMG to the new HDD. AGAIN, this froze over night while it was doing it's thing. Ordinarily I'd give up, but there was 30gb of photos on this drive as well as old work I wanted to keep.

SO: Now it appears my new HDD is dead.


I don't know that I've explained this very well, but here's my question. Is it possible there is something in my MacPro (software -- I'm looking at you Disk Driller!) or otherwise that is killing my HDDs?

The first HDD was getting on, so I can see how that could have died (although, it was suspiciously sudden). However, my new HDD is now only FOUR DAYS OLD and when I run Disk Utility from my install disk, it warns that the HDD has failed and to back up what I can.


Appreciate any help I can get!



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2.66GHz Quad, 6GB RAM, 250GB HDD, 5
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    Have you tried another drive bay?  Blow out the accumulated dust while you are in there.


    Can you run Apple Hardware Test from your second installer dvd (boot with D key) to check out your macine?

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    I'll give that a shot right now. I ran the hardware test a little while ago. The extended test took 34 minutes to complete (despite estimating 10-15 minutes), and reported that all was fine.

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    Ok, I tried booting with only the new 1TB HDD and in a different bay. It took much much longer than usual to reach the Apple logo. I came back 40 minutes later and it had booted to the blue screen, complete with the mouse in the top left corner. However, again it had locked up.


    The SMART status on this new drive says "failing". Is it remotely possible that my Mac has caused this, or just bad luck and a coincidence? I thought that the data recovery software I was running off it might have done some damage - I did have to repair pretty much ALL the permissions on the disk - but now it seems as though it's the actual hardware failing.

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    Try running Apple Hardware Test as I suggested earlier.

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    I was concerned this might be a logic board issue, but the Apple Hardware Test says otherwise. I'm now thinking that the first drive died due to age/wear and tear. The second drive was either an unlucky coincidence (Apple's Disk Utility says only "This drive has a hardware problem that can't be repaired"), or was caused my dodgey apps being used to mine the first dead HDD for precious photos.

    I'll replace the new HDD under warranty tomorrow and see what happens after that. Thanks for all your help X423424X.

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    AHT does not necessarily mean that a test with no error reported is a clean bill of health.


    If you have a system drive that is corrupted directory it WILL or can block booting - from any device, even from DVDs.


    External is fine, turn it on after boot. Turn it on after Disk Warrior is running.


    And my lecture point: always have bootable backup clones and even if it was owrking it was old slow and out of warranty and your new WD Black 1TB is much faster. But then buy a data drive, one for backup too.


    You should never need to reinstall an OS other than when a new OS to start clean (and use Setup Assist to import your old apps).


    So play with just the new drive and leave the other to rest.

    Do NOT copy data or recvover to your good drive.

    Need a recovery drive for that.

    you don't need to use a sparse disk image.

    Most people try Data Rescue 3 demo to see if it will read and chance to recovery before buying $99.

    Use Carbon Copy Cloner to make copies of your drives and be able to boot from.