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I'm often getting about 10 or so little modal dialogs about how my iPhone or iPad was detected, but could not be identified. I generally don't care about whether or not iTunes can connect over wi-fi to my iOs device until I actually want to sync something. Usually a relaunch of iTunes sorts it out, but I'd have to click through these 10-20 dialogs to cleanly exit.


Please make this alert something that stays hidden until the user clicks the little hazard/exclamation icon next to the device's icon in my sidebar menu, and definitely consolidate these alerts so that I don't have to click on as many as 10 or 20 of the exact same error message successively. I'm a little shocked that this UI issue has been a problem for so long -- I see several threads like this. This is a pretty glaring oversight for Apple software!

iPhone 4S, Windows Vista