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Hello, I recently bought a Touch 4g to replace my aging nano.  My primary reason for doing so was tracking my runs with Nike+.  I've set it up on the 4g, linked my sensor and gone for a couple of runs, but the iPod will not Sync with Nike+ to upload the workouts at all.


I understand that on iOS 5+, you're unable to Sync through iTunes and have to do it wirelessly through wifi.  That's great, but when I click on the "Send workout to Nike+" button on the ipod, it brings me to the site, lets me log in, and then just hangs loading (presumably when it's sending the data over).  I've confirmed that the site is not recieveing the workout data. Furthermore, the data pretty much gets lost because the Nike+ app thinks it's been uploaded and I can't do it again.


I've set up a completely new Nike+ account as well, and that has not worked either. I've also tried a hard reset to no avail.  Is anyone else having this problem or know of a solution?  It's pretty frustrating.


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1
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    Exactly my problem, word for word I could have written your post!. I'm rather peeved about the silence on this too.

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    That's not a great sign.  So no workaround at all as yet then?  How long has this been going on for?  I haven't used nike+ in a while and noticed that they did a complete site overhaul, maybe it's related? Is it ALL iPod 4g's or just some of them?


    Kind of a pain in the ***, considering that's why I bought this thing. I mean, I guess I can just go back to using Runkeeper, but the whole point was not having to carry my phone around.


    And I just did a full reset and can confirm that it didn't help at all.

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    Having exact same problem. Have been using Nike+ and Sensor for 6 months, no probs, then last few days I cant sync my runs. I cant even get onto the Nike+ website (my account) using the 'Go to Nike+' button on my iPhone 4GS phone, and on my 3GS (which I use at the gym) it doesnt accept my password, even though I can log into my Nike+ account ok on my mac.


    Very frustrated!


    And yes, I was wondering if it was something to do with the overhaul of the Nike+ website.

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    I've checked with Nike, through both their customer support email and their Facebook App and have recieved the following response:




    Hi Gregg and Mohamad - We appreciate you getting in touch regarding your iPod touch. We're aware of the log in issue with the Nike+ Mobile site. Our site team is working to resolve it and we hope to have a resolution within the coming days. Thanks for your patience.
    Thank You,
    The Nike Team


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    Thanks gpw1

    Appreciate the update. Suspected it was at Nike end as both my iphones are having problems, and Apple staff at their local store just looked at me with a blank stare when I questioned them today about it.

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    This has given me hope that I'm not the only one completely frustrated by this. I normally chalk up the inability to sync to the fact that I live in Canada and stuff sometimes doesn't work the way it does other places in the world but this is more than just an inability to sync. It's all kinds of things.


    I just tried to login (for the 3rd time-- I'm stubborn like that. And now I see that my runs are lost forever... awesome) and the mobile site came up with 'scheduled maintenance' so hopefully our problems are being resolved!


    I've been using Nike+ on my iphone (3gs with iOS5.1.1)  it straight for the last 2 months, recording my workouts. I'll be choked it all those miles I logged are lost in the ether of this... whatever.

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    im havingn the exact same problem but when i sync my runs and it loads and doesnt work , it then says instead of send to nike + it says go to nike+ will i never be able to sync these runs or what ?


    If you want to see a full unboxing or how to fix a linking problem with the sensor visit


    for linking problem :



    for unboxing




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    Hi guys,

    I had the same problem, but then I just found this


    http://nikeplus.nike.com/plus/support/#answers/detail/article/nikeplusipod-iphon eupload/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xMzM5NjgxNDc2L3NpZC81UXpKSEUtaw%3D%3D


    If you have WiFi or mobile access to Internet, it should work.

    However, the whole new layout/interface of Nike+ site ***** big time.





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    I had the same problem. Go to Settings > Safari and make sure you're accepting cookies. That fixed it for me, no runs lost.

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    Settings didn't work, but using Firefox instead has shown up todays runs

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    ah, although it has only synced 1 run & not 2

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    I was just messing around with some options. I think I found a fix.


    Go to your safari settings and turn off private browsing.


    The issue I was having was that everytime I put my login information and pressed login, it would just refresh the same login page.


    Hopefully this works for you guys too.

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    Yeah, turn off private browsing. That fixed my login issue. Thanks for the tips.

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    I turned off private browsing, accepted all cookies and still have the same issue.  I called apple and nike.  Apple tried to help but referred me to nike who told me it was a "known issue" and that they were working on resolving it but could not give an estimate as to when Nike plus Ipod app would work syncing.  They suggested using the Nike plus Running app and that if you don't have wifi where you're running to HOLD the ipod in your hand or on an armband so that the accelerometer on the ipod can determine your pace and distance etc.  It's not as efficient and I don't even know if it works honestly.  I just bought the ipod 4th gen and the sensor so that I could record my workouts and upload them but the website doesn't sync with my ipod and all data is lost whenever I try.  I'm very frustrated and nike only suggested contacting the retailer who sold me the sensor to return it.  I am very unhappy.