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Hello, I recently bought a Touch 4g to replace my aging nano.  My primary reason for doing so was tracking my runs with Nike+.  I've set it up on the 4g, linked my sensor and gone for a couple of runs, but the iPod will not Sync with Nike+ to upload the workouts at all.


I understand that on iOS 5+, you're unable to Sync through iTunes and have to do it wirelessly through wifi.  That's great, but when I click on the "Send workout to Nike+" button on the ipod, it brings me to the site, lets me log in, and then just hangs loading (presumably when it's sending the data over).  I've confirmed that the site is not recieveing the workout data. Furthermore, the data pretty much gets lost because the Nike+ app thinks it's been uploaded and I can't do it again.


I've set up a completely new Nike+ account as well, and that has not worked either. I've also tried a hard reset to no avail.  Is anyone else having this problem or know of a solution?  It's pretty frustrating.


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1