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We have 200 or so Macs using OD mobile accounts.


Implementing Active Directory, getting rid of Open Directory.


How do I change the mobile accounts from OD accounts to AD accounts so that it authenticates against the AD Domain Controller and thus change compter login password when it's changed in AD?


I can convert accounts this way:

a.    Delete users’ user account in User preferences pane of System Preferences, but choose to not change the home directory.
b.    Log into users’ account by choosing the other option, thus creating a mobile account.
c.    Log out, log into admin account, delete the newly created home directory, rename the home directory from the deleted users account to match the name of the deleted home directory and do a chown –R on the directory for that user.


Obviously doing above 200x times is tedious and I'd like to avoid this if possible!


Any other ideas?  Preferably a script I can deploy to all computers?

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.7)