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Dear All,


I have iPhone4, latest IOS.


I have sync of Contacts, Mails etc. with MS Exchange.


When I create a new contact on the iPhone, this contact is not synced with the Exchange contacts.


I have over 30 contacts like this and I would like to move them to Exchange.


For all new contacts I create via iPhone I would like them to be in Exchange.


Thanks in advance,



iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    For all new contacts I create via iPhone I would like them to be in Exchange.

    > This is OK, under contacts, I selected Exchange as default account.


    What about moving current iPhone contacts to exchange?





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    Open the contact in question, select Edit.

    Scroll to the bottom, there should be an option for "Link".  This should allow you to add the contact to the Exchange listing, but may require the contact (at least partially) already be in the Exchange listing.

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    Here is what I did to move the iPhone contacts to Exchange:


    Under each iPhone contact I have selected share > email and then send the contact as an e-mail to myself.


    After that from my laptop I just opened the vcf files and saved them in the Exchange address book

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    This is a definite weakness with the iPhone's current funtionality with Exchange. The email option mentioned by longman55 (scary name) might be the most elegant solution out there for filing a contact in both iCloud and Exchange. Alternatively, you can tap groups within your contacts app, then deselect everything but the three options listed under Exchange. Now any contact you create will only be added to your Exchange contacts, with the drawback that it won't be in iCloud (though you could reverse the email trick, sending the Exchange contact to your iCloud email). However, you can then chose all group options on your iPhone and see all your Exchange contacts and iCloud contacts in one list.


    Microsoft and Apple, try to make this simpler... It took me WAY TOO LONG to find these half-backed solutions.