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I have the new iPad (3) and a number of processes keep running in the background even though I have "deleted" them in the multi-task pane, i.e., I have double clicked the circle, held down each app and then hit the red dash so that no apps are running in the background.  For example, I keep getting notifications that apps need to be updated which means my iPad is checking with the app store - this is happening even though my notification center is empty. I also have a battery app that tells me 30+ processes are running even though I have no open apps. I understand that some processes must always run, but I would like to disable the unnecessary ones b/c I continue to have terrible battery performance, even in standby mode.


As for standby battery performance, the strange thing is that sometimes my battery doesn't drain in standby at all and then other times it drains over 10% over one night. Each time there are no apps running in the background and I have no idea what is causing the inconsistent behavior, but I can only assume there must some process issue. 


Anyone have any thoughts?