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Why do iCloud erase all my past records? I sync Calendar few months after I had iPad2, and iCloud erased every events I had before the sync-date.

I input some of the important events back into my iPad. No matter how many times I typed, it disappered right away after I clicked DONE. However, it shows on my iCal & iCloud (became redundant). It is so annoy. I want to be able to see through these events on my mobile devices (same issue on iPhone 4S) when I am outside. I don't want to use my iCal or iCloud from a laptop. It is so horrible and scare (erase automately from my past records & events) and very agitate. That is the reason I stopped to sync my iPhone with iCloud (erase many important meeting records from the past).

I went to many different Apple stores, and nobody understand why do I need the past records before I sync to iCloud on my iPhone or iPad.

I saw there were many complaints. Some of the comments were very hostile (can't blame them). Nobody have problem to sync with Outlook since the software allows you to input past events, modified, and won't duplicate over and over again on the sync computer or devices. I hope there are somebody in iCloud teams can try to use Outlook once & debug such horrible rediculous action - automatically delete some or ALL events on iPhone & iPad if that is the past records before sync with iCloud!


Thank you!

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1