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MacPro build 5,1; dual 2.66 6-core Xeons, 16 gig RAM, OS 10.6.8.


This is more a request for speculation and enlightenment than a cry for help.  I have my opinions as to why its happening, but I'd appreciate any suggestions the greater minds in this forum could provide...


At one of my major client's facilities, their FCP system is what I would describe as "not set up according to best practice".  By that, I mean they have an internal RAID5 with 4 1TB drives (2.61 useful capacity), upon which both the applications and the media reside.


As I told them when they first set this up, "this can cause problems", and I think this might be one of them.  I am CONSTANTLY having to re-render.  No, it's not differences between media and timeline formats.  No, I'm not moving/deleting/monkeying with the media on the desktop.  I render, save, quit...and when I re-open the project, there's about a 50% likelihood that the sequence will have to be rendered again.


This issue seems to be getting worse with age...I've been working on this particular computer for almost a year now, and its gone from being an occasional nuisance to a very regular (and time-consuming) problem.  I strive to keep the drive as clean as possible (offloading old projects, media, etc., to our storage server), and right now have 900 gig of free space on the RAID.  I do not do the maintenence on this machine (as I am only a user, not the admin).  Are there any tips I can give Mr. Admin (besides get seperate media drives, which I've mentioned many a time...)?

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