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My wife and I both have an iphone 3gs.  For a year or so everything worked great, but now whenever I text her she does not receive any notification (except for a split second small red notifier on the Messages icon) that the text has gone through.  If she isn't looking at the Messages icon at that exact instant she wont' know I've texted her.  She has to open up Messages and the text is then visible.


Sometimes when we're texting each other the messages read as if I am texting myself.  All of the texts are on the right side of the screen.  And sometimes the phone says the text is coming from my phone when it's actually coming from her phone. 


This is a nuisance.  When I need to send a text I'm not sure if it's being received or not.


It seems like this problem started when I opened up my iCloud account.  We both use the same iCloud account.


I have tried everything.  Restarting.  Total reboot.  Deleting iCoud account.  Everything.  Nothing seems to fix it.


Also, when my daughter uses her iPod Touch to text me it says it's coming from my wife.  And, when she receives texts from her friends it comes to my phone in addition to her iPod Touch.  Very confusing.


No one at the Apple store could help.  They just kind of pushed me along.


Any ideas on how to fix this?  Thanks.

iPhone 3GS
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    Are you using iMessage or regular SMS messaging?


    iMessage would (optimally) require one Apple ID per device; so if you have the same Apple ID on your wife's phone and your daughter's iPod touch, this can cause problems in receiving/sending duplicate messages. I think that seems to be the problem at hand; so create an Apple ID for each device/person.


    This shouldn't be required, but go ahead and go to Settings<General<Reset<Reset All Settings (this won't erase content)<Yes on each device. You will now reboot and go to the iOS 5 setup screen, where each device can setup their own Apple ID.


    Very sorry to hear about your Apple store experience.

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    I created a new Apple ID for my wife's phone and problem solved.  Thanks so much.