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Is there any way one can alert Apple about bad tracks? I just purchased Bach's Passion of St. Matthew, and so many of the tracks are cut off in the middle that it is frankly impossible to listen to. There are even tracks like 14 and 15 that are 0 seconds long.




Artistically it is a perfectly fine recording. It is such a pity that it is destroyed by technical problems.

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OK, I see what you mean.


The same album is listed in the USA iTunes Store, and once again tracks 14 and 15 show as 0:00



So, it may in fact be a defective master (which is the thing that I said was "unlikely"!).  I see that you have posted a review on the France iTunes Store, but you should go ahead and report it to Customer Service too, using the link provided.

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They might be corrupt, but more frequently "cut off in the middle" results from a fault in the download, not in the track itself.


Delete them from your library and download fresh copies at no charge by following this guide: iTunes 10 for Windows: Download previous purchases from the iTunes Store.


In the unlikley event that the new tracks have the same problem, report the matter to iTunes Customer Service.

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