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    Hi again,


    I've owned and been using only Apple computers for the last 24 years. (I still have all of my old machines, and in fact I have kept them all in workin order all this time.)


    I have worked for Apple as well.

    I can tell you all with certainty and confirmation from co-workers/administrators/managers that what I explained in my original posting is correct.


    Apple ID passwords used to optionally expire.

    Apple removed the option without removing the occurrence of password expiration.

    I never specified the length of time that has passed since this option was removed, only that it happened in the recent past, and I am using recent as a subjective term since I am unaware of the exact date of removal.

    Other Apple employees and Apple users that had not had an Apple ID during the time in which the optional password expirations was available, or that never utilized this option were never aware of its existence. Seeing as it was not used commonly enough to warrant a permanent place in our password settings, only existed for a short period of time, and many Apple users and employees today are new to Apple, it is not surprising that many people were never even aware of the existence of this setting.


    Without it causing an inconvenience to a large enough percentage of Apple users, there seems to be no urgent demand for Apple to rectify the problem.

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    I really do appreciate a heads up on that historical information (nice to know), but I do not see Apple compromising security as a way to stop "inconvenience to a large enough percentage of Apple users". Time will tell if you, or I am correct, since obviously I am not making decisions for Apple. Would also be curious to find out if those password reset intervals are really consistent, it will give your theory of previous settings (from before), still staying with your account- a bit more weight.

    As far as previously mentioned by PowerMove- triggers - Apple published those and you can find them here.


    My personal experience gives me other explanation of what happens to you guys, but lets not talk about it until you done pursuing your current venues, exhausting those will make you more receptive.

  • thehello Level 1 Level 1

    I am addressing only the error message "your Apple ID Password has expired".


    The password reset intervals are indeed consistent. Mine happens to be every 3 months, in case you were curious.


    I agree that Apple certainly has Security reasons not to fix the issue, in addition to it not effecting enough people for Apple To be concerned about fixing the issue.


    However, the information I have provided explaining the origin, routine recurrence of, and lack of solution to the error message of "your Apple ID Password has expired" is a "theory" in the scientific sense of the word, the same way that gravity is a theory. There is so much empirical evidence supporting it that it is indistinguishable from fact.


    I realize it must be hard to accept this from a random screen name claiming deep knowledge of Apple, but in the end I know you will find that the truth is the truth, regardless of its source.

  • fromsouth Level 5 Level 5

    thehello wrote:



    I realize it must be hard to accept this from a random screen name claiming deep knowledge of Apple, but in the end I know you will find that the truth is the truth, regardless of its source.


    In no way I meant any disrespect, but that argument above can be reversed. That is why I suggest  you to work on your way to resolve, explained by you, problem and when you give up, you welcome to return.

  • PowerMove Level 1 Level 1

    fromsouth -


    Your posts sound as if you are just interested in argument for argument's sake.  I was not the one to bring up the subject of "triggers". It was you who said the Apple server was reacting to "any suspicious activity on your account and requests reset. For example you buying new app, while located on vacation in other country, or your kids playing on your mac and trying to enter incorrect password, both would trigger security". Password resets of this type, and those addressed in the Apple support link you provided titled Apple ID: "This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons" alert appears, are not at issue here.


    What is being is discussed are expiring passwords.


    You seem to be under the impression that your personal experience is representative of all users, despite the fact that you have only been using Apple devices for a couple of years starting with your childrens' iPods.  Do you have any evidence to back up your own explanations?  They seem like wholly unsubstantiated theories do me.


    I am searching for solutions to the problem of expiring passwords. Since I haven't bought any apps while vacationing in foreign countries, and since I have no kids they couldn't be playing on mac and entering incorrect passwords, I guess I keep looking to Apple to address this very real problem.


    Finally, since a large segment of Apple's user base is apparently never required to change their AppleID passwords, I don't understand why it would compromise Apple's security measures to let the rest of us also keep our passwords indefinitely as well.

  • thehello Level 1 Level 1

      fromsouth said:

    "I do not think there is an expiration, since I still use password I set up long time ago. But Apple server that is responsible for security, reacts to any suspicious activity on your account and requests reset. For example you buying new app, while located on vacation in other country, or your kids playing on your mac and trying to enter incorrect password, both would trigger security. I do not believe referral to engineering will change security of Apple servers. I do not believe contacting anyone will do that, but hey, what do I know? Urge away."


    I have to agree with the assessment PowerMove has made. You are relying on a very limited frame of reference in making your conclusion, perhaps believing that expiring passwords do not exist because you have never seen it. I am sure that Apple would be happy to confirm for you that there are indeed users whose passwords expire, as would the other people who have replied to this thread looking for answers to that problem. Coming into a discussion and telling people that the problem they are all having doesn't exist doesn't help anyone.


    I know plenty of people who have been using a password they set up many years ago. I did explain already that unless you MANUALLY set your password to expire during the brief time in the past in which that was an option, it has never nor will it ever do so independently.

  • fromsouth Level 5 Level 5

    I didn't say "if" - I said "when you give up", I am not going to waste your and my time anymore.

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    I'm not sure this is correct, as mine was set to never expire, and now it does it every month.

  • jordimasague Level 1 Level 1



    I'm a user of Apple products and I have an Apple ID for at least 12 years.

    I remember the option is password settings to set the expiration period. but now, as you say, it disapears.


    I call 5 minutes ago to Apple Care, but they have no idea what I'm talking about. I ask for a senior Advisor but they didn't transfer me.


    I hope Apple find a solution to this, because is an inconvinience restart my AppleID password every 3 months.

  • astress Level 1 Level 1

    This happens to me also but up to 3 time a week. Apple please fix this.

  • Adrianmcgrath Level 1 Level 1

    I have spoken to Apple support line on this and here is what i discovered.


    1st, nobody else has had this problem. They have had no reports of it happening to anybody else. It is not a known problem and is nothing to do with them.


    2nd, they have no ability to close or change passwords and although the password is stored on my iPhone, iMac, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, Apple TV, iPad 2, iPad4 and Airport Extreme, the only reason it would be refused is because i am entering it wrong.


    It seems that I make this error as often as twice a week - sometimes on consecutive days. Resetting my password can take hours as iMessage, iCloud, Mail, and iTunes each demand to be given the new password, and that is spread over 8 devices.


    It also means that when i am away from home, i cannot change any device apart from those t i have with me, meaning that i completely missing messages.emails, updates, etc. etc.


    This has been happening to me for a year and is rapidly becoming to much of a liabilty to continue with.

  • Adrianmcgrath Level 1 Level 1

    There we go, 13 hours and my machines have all been denied their password again. Clearly my fault, even though I wasn't even touching my machines when they started telling me my password was incorrect.

    It is now 1:46am, and I suppose time to get out of bed and go and reset every single machine so that I can receive email, messages etc.

    Thank you for your support with this Apple, denying there is a problem and blaming me really made me feel good about the thousands of dollars I have spent on your products over the years. It's a shame they are just becoming an expensive and tedious liability.

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    I haven't contacted support, but i've had to reset my password at least 50 times in the last 2 months on 6 devices. Yes, this is frustrating. Sometimes twice a day...


    i got an email at midnite last night saying my pwd has been reset, I was sleeping!!!


    Seems like it all started after the 7.0 update?


    Apple really needs to address this!

  • Adrianmcgrath Level 1 Level 1

    i spent five hours sorting this out and getting help from apple - after the third time it had happened to me in thirteen hours.

    this time i actually was told that there was a problem and was given help solving it. this time there was actual proof of what was going on as well. as somebody had downloaded an app.


    the problem seems to have been the weakness of my ISPs email system and apples willingness to reset passwords for "customers".


    if you have access to somebodies email, and their email makes up their apple ID, then all you have to do is enter any old password a few times before apple gives you a choice of answering questions or receiving an email - which they then do and they are in.


    So the problem was with the "hacker" rather than apple losing the password. however, sending an email is not a very wise system and as the person who went into my system went in with an unauthorized computer from a different country then i think a red flag should have gone up right away.


    The intrusion cost me "nothing" as the app downloaded was free and the unusual activity caused apple to remove my credit card details and access


    However, this sort of thing means that all my devices go down and if i am travelling, not to have access to home computers can be disasterous. The time spent rectifying this and the stress caused is also considerable.


    The solution that was suggested was to switch your apple ID, best done by creating a new email identity with a web based mail system as they are likely to have better security than a home ISP. - 48 hours later i haven't had a problem (after three eveents in thirteen hours) so perhaps this is the solution.


    I do think that Apple needs a smarter system for lost passwords though. Even though they protected my credit card info, the time and stress this causes is unacceptable.

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